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Chia Seeds
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Chia seeds provide the essential omega 3 & 6 oils. Chia seeds are 30% oil, of which 30% is omega 3 and 40% is omega 6, and have a long shelf life. They also have approximately two times the protein concentration and up to ten times the oil concentration of other grains, and are digestible without grinding. Other seeds with harder shells, such as flax seeds, require grinding to make them digestible and have a very short shelf life in the ground form. Chia seeds are small and have the unique feature of a shell that turns gelatinous (mucilaginous) when it gets wet. This gel is thought to create a barrier in the stomach between the carbohydrates and digestive enzymes - slowing the breakdown of carbos into sugar and prolonging endurance. The seed can absorb more than 10 times its weight in water which can prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in body fluids. The name, chia, is Maya for strength or strengthening. Our seeds are edible. Mix with 10 parts water and wait for 10 minutes. They will form a gel that can be mixed with foods such as mayonnaise, sauces, jams, etc. Use your imagination and try it with a 50-50 ratio. They can be planted in dirt to grow. Store in a cool, dry place.