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Diced Pineapple
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Code: DPA
Price: $7.99

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Our tangy, sweet pineapple offers a fruity snack that will take you to the vast green fields of fresh, growing pineapples. There, fresh ripe pineapples are hand picked, sliced (into rings or chunks) and dried for 24 hours. No chemicals, sugars or preservatives are added to the process which ensures that the pineapple retains their natural sweetness. A truly awesome snack! A tropical taste delight—this is like eating candy. If you like pineapple, you will love these crunchy tidbits. We bet they disappear long before you even think to cook with them . Pineapple is commonly grown in many tropical countries. The most popular growing area is Hawaii, but pineapple growing is also found in abundance in Taiwan and Thailand. The pineapple fruit is peeled and sliced into various sizes and soaked in a sweet slur to firm up the product. Then it is exported from Taiwan or Thailand to the United States. When it is cut into small 1/2" x 1/2 cubes, they are commonly called "pineapple dices". Sometimes the cut is in the form of a circle - called a "pineapple ring". The most common cut is the middle size - the pineapple tidbit. We use pineapple tidbits as an ingredient in our trail mixes. They are commonly found in health food stores as a more natural sweet dessert item. Bulk - price is per pound